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IB Manager 3 released!

EMS HiTech company is glad to announce the IB Manager 3! With this release we brought our product to a new level of effectiveness and flexibility, and gave it a new name - from now QuickDesk is called InterBase / FireBird Manager or IB Manager for short!

What's new in version 3?

1. New, modern and flexible user interface!

New powerful and flexible user interface was applied to IB Manager. This new interface allows you to customize tool bar content (e.g. hide or move button, make button groups, etc.), show only recently used items in menu, customize menu's behaviour and other useful features. Moreover the new dialog was added that allows you to select the visual scheme between two standard ones (XP-like or Classic), or customize it as you desire. The visual scheme includes the view style of bars, trees, lists, edit controls, buttons, check boxes and page controls, so you can totally change the way of how the application looks. All customizations are saved for future use.

All interface features of version 3.0 are powered by Developer Express components.

2. MDI interface support!

Since version 3.0 our product can look like Microfoft Office products i.e. all windows can be child to the parent (by default). Of course it's possible to use an old-style floating windows interface (as in previous versions). The interface type can be customized through the Windows page of the Environment Options dialog.

3. HTML Report Generator!

The HTML Report Generator is implemented. This tool allows you to create an HTML report for database easily and quickly.

4. MultiLanaguage support!

The multilanguage support is implemented. Now it's a quite easy to localize IB Manager to your native language. Just translate all string resources in the $(IB Manager)LanguagesEnglish.lng file, save this file as MyLanguage.lng and add the file to IB Manager using the "Localization" page in the Environment Options dialog.

We already received the German, Spanish, Italian and Russian translations of IB Manager, the Dutch translation is coming soon.

5. New Visual Query Builder!

The Query Builder module was completely rewritten. Now it's powered by version 2.0 of our QueryBuilder component. Now this module contains a new parser which should support all FB 1.x and IB 6.5 select enchancements such as FIRST...SKIP and ROWS statements. Also now the Query Builder is fully customizable, please see the corresponding page in the Environment Options dialog.

6. Powerful Plan Analyzer!

This can help you in optimization of InterBase/FireBird queries by graphically displaying the techniques that the server is using to run your query, including relevant index information, and by providing the most accurate statistics possible.

7. Backup and Restore Templates!

Backup/Restore templates are implemented. Please find them in the Backup/Restore Database wizards.

8. New Compare SQL Scripts Module!

The Compare SQL Scripts module was completely rewritten. Now it works much better than in version 2.

9. Data Export to PDF and MS Access!

Export Data module: possibility to export data to PDF and MS Access is added.

10. A lot of other improvements and bugfixes!

We hope you'll like the new version of our product!