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MySQL Manager for Windows 2.2 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 2.2?

1. A possibility to select data retrieving method was added. There are two methods: retrieve a complete result set to the client (recommended for small result sets) and initiate a row-by-row result set retrieval (recommended for large result sets). This option is available at the Grid -> Advanced page of the Environment Options dialog.

2. New "Keep connection alive" option was added to the Database Registration Info dialog. If this option is on, MySQL Manager tries to ping MySQL server (and reconnect if the connection was closed by time-out limit) before each query.

3. Export Data dialog: a possibility of multi-file export was added to HTML options. Now it is possible to set the maximal count of records in single file, availability of index file and navigation options. (*)
4. Data View: columns in Print View tune their widths in accordance with column widths in Grid View. (*)

5. A possibility to define indices necessary for a foreign key during its creation process was added. Now you will receive a prompt on creating an index before adding a foreign key if the necessary index was not found in the table.

6. Visual Database Designer: creation of links is not allowed for any table type except InnoDB now. This was done because InnoDB is the only table type that supports foreign keys currently.

7. Page options were added to the PDF Options page of the Export Data dialog. A possibility to set page size, orientation and margins is available for export to PDF format now. (*)
8. The "Duplicate key entry" error doesn't appear on every key violation during import data process. Now all such error will be added to error log, but won't be displayed in error dialog. (*)

9. Fixed bug with minimizing MySQL Manager after it has been closed in its minimized state previously.

10. Fixed bug with editing BIGINT values in Grid View.

11. Fixed bug with encoding data in Grid View accordingly to the Database Font Charset option in the Database Registration Info dialog.

12. Fixed bug with Access Violation error after disconnecting from a database with the SQL Editor opened.

13. Fixed bug with error occurrence while refreshing data in Grid View for a table that contains a lot of BLOB fields.

14. Some minor improvements and corrections.