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MySQL Manager for Linux 1.15 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager for Linux 1.15?

1. Export Data Dialog: export to PDF added. Now you can export data to one of the most popular document formats as well as to the other supported formats.

2. Export Data Dialog - export to HTML: a possibility of customizing navigation links for multi-file export and a possibility to define a background picture for the result table added.

3. Import Data Wizard: import modes are implemented - now you can define an action to be executed with the concurrent records in the source file and the target table. You can either update these records, delete them, insert only new records, and more. For these purpose you should define key columns as primary key.

4. Import Data Wizard: added a possibility of defining a way to add data to the destination table - insert or append.

5. Several small improvements and minor bugfixes.