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QuickDesk 2.5 released.

What's new in QuickDesk 2.5?

1. In this version we've impemented the first version of the Database Designer, which named Visual QuickDesk. This tool can be activated through Main Menu -> Tools -> Visual QuickDesk item.
Here is a short list of new module features, which allow you to:

- View database structure
- Save/Load diagrams
- Create new tables and links between them
- Print database structure on several sheets with customizing the printer options
- Reverse Engineering from existing database
- Arrange database objects a-la Delphi IDE i.e. align left/right edges, tops, bottoms, centers etc.
- Auto arrange database objects
- Use several display modes: full, short, captions only etc.
- Use zoom mode for increasing/decreasing individual diagram areas
- And much more. Please see help file for full information

Of course this module will be permanently improved, so any your feedback is welcome! (*)

2. Import Data Wizard: the import data engine was updated to a newer version of the QuickImport component suite (http://www.ems-hitech.com/quickimport/), and the following features were added:
  a) Save/Load import templates to/from file. Now you can save most recently used import options as a template to file for future use;
  b) Auto fill feature. Now you can automatically fill the correspondences between the table fields and columns in Excel, DBF or CSV file. It is very convenient when the table fields and the imported columns are ordered in the same way. (*)

3. SQL Script Module: now list of available databases in the upper combobox updates automatically after connection/disconnection to/from database.

4. Export Data: the possibility of printing the result file after finishing export is added. This version also includes all the improvements and bugfixes from QuickExport v. 1.99, please see http://www.ems-hitech.com/quickexport/ for detail information. (*)

5. Now you can see the number of the connected databases if "View Servers" mode is ON.

6. SQL Editor: Fixed bug with fetching records if Fetch All option is ON.

7. Duplicate Object: fixed bug with duplicating tables which contain several foreign keys and/or indices.

8. Fixed bug with extracting precision of Numeric fields in SQL dialect 1.

9. Fixed bug with logging SQL statements for reordering table columns.

10. Some minor improvements and bugfixes.

(*) -- Professional edition only