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QuickDesk 2.35 released.

What's new in QuickDesk 2.35?

1. Import Data Wizard was greatly improved: now you can import data from four different file formats - Microsoft Excel files, DBF files, text files and CSV files. The import doesn't require Microsoft Excel, BDE or ODBC to be installed on your machine. This feature is powered by our NEW software QuickImport component suite. Welcome to http://ems-hitech.com/quickimport for more information.

2. NULL values are now displayed in the grids with text and blue color.

3. The possibility of changing the view mode (large icons, small icons, list, detail) was added to "New Object/Duplicate Object" and "Add  Object to Project View" windows.

4. Visual Query Builder: now it is possible to clear the current query. Queries are also saved/restored automatically on changing the database.

5. New item "Find object in database tree" was added to the Project tree popup menu. Use this functionality to find the Project tree object in the database tree quickly.

6. Data View: "Set To Now" item was added to the data grid local menu. Now you can set the  DATE, TIME and DATETIME values to the current date and/or time.

7. "Database Registration Info" item was added to the main menu.

8. SP Debugger: fixed bug with debugging SELECT ... UNION SELECT ... statements.

9. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.