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PostgreSQL Manager announced!

EMS PostgreSQL Manager provides you powerful and effective tools for PostgreSQL Server administration and objects management. Its Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows you to create/edit all PostgreSQL database objects in a most easy and simple way, run SQL scripts, manage users and administrate user privileges, visually build SQL queries, extract or print metadata, export/import data, view/edit BLOBs and many more services that will make your work with the PostgreSQL server as easy as it can be...

Main PostgreSQL Manager features:
- Easy management of all database objects: creating/dropping databases; creating/dropping/altering tables and table subobjects; creating/dropping views, functions, sequences, rules, types, aggregates, opeartors, languages; etc;
- Easy viewing/editing table data;
- All PostgreSQL data type support;
- Multiple database connections;
- Powerful User Manager, Group Manager and Grant Manager;
- Powerful SQL Editor and Visual Query Builder;
- Powerful data management tools: Export data to 12 formats; import data from Excel, CSV, DBF and TXT; Load Data from/to file on server;
- Customizable interface;
- Detailed help system;
- And many more.

We hope, you will like our new software.