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MySQL Manager 1.85 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 1.8.5?

1. Some improvements in the Export Data Module:

 - a possibility of defining stripy styles of the Excel sheet was added;    
 - we've optimized the algorithm of the export to Excel. Now it works much faster! (*)

2. Brazilian Portuguese localization was added. To include it to the list of available languages use Add button of the Localization page in the Environment Options dialog.

3. Now you can export metadata and environment variables to as many as 11 most popular formats: MS Excel, MS Word (RTF), HTML, XML, DBF, TXT, CSV, SYLK, DIF, LaTeX and Windows Clipboard. Currently available reports are:

 - table fields and indices;
 - MySQL environment variables;
 - list of the currently running processes.

To activate this feature just use the popup menu of the proper list (e.g. field list, index list, etc).

4. Keyboard templates are stored now in the system registry. You can import the list of most used templates by executing the "templates.reg" file from the directory where MySQL Manager was installed to.

5. Two new options of data grid was added to the Grid page of the Environment Options dialog. "Use Ctrl+Up to increase spin values" option is used to enable or disable the Ctrl+Up key combination (instead of Up key) for increasing/descreasing values in the spin inplace editors. "Show editor immediately" option is used to enable/disable editor activation just after clicking a cell.

6. Now it's possible to drag'n'drop tables and fields from the SQL Assistant to the SQL Editor. If you drop a table then the SQL Editor will contain the SELECT FROM statement and if you drop fields MySQL Manager will add in the SQL Editor their names (separated by colon).

7. Editor Options: Show Number of Lines option was added. Check this option if you want every line of an editor to be numbered in the ascending order.

8. SynEdit component suite (http://synedit.sourceforge.net) (the engine of MySQL Manager syntax-highlight editors) is updated to version 1.1. We hope this new version will work even better than the previous one.

9. Fixed bug with executing the FLUSH command using "Services->Flush->..." menu items.

10. Fixed bugs with processing tables with names containing some special
symbols as ' ' (space) and '-' (minus).

11. Fixed bug with executing the scripts containing multi-line comments.

12. Fixed bug with executing the multi-query scripts with declaring variables
by SET @... statement.

13. Fixed bug in the Save Settings Wizard. Now it works without any problems. Also an option for saving the keyboard templates was added to the wizard.

14. Fixed bug with impossibility of dragging object to the Project View.

15. Some minor bugfixes and a lot of small improvements.

(*) - Professional Edition only