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MySQL Manager 1.75 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 1.75?

1. Import Data Wizard: the import data engine was updated to a newer version of the QuickImport component suite (http://www.ems-hitech.com/quickimport/), and the following features were added:
  a) Save/Load import templates to/from file. Now you can save most recently used import options as a template to file for future use;
  b) Auto fill feature. Now you can automatically fill the correspondences between the table fields and columns in Excel, DBF or CSV file. It is very convenient when the table fields and the imported columns are ordered in the same way. (*)

2. "Quote identifiers" option was added to the Database Registration Info dialogue. Now you can disable quotation of identifiers by backquote symbol ('`') to make SQL scripts, obtained using Extract Metadata Wizard, compatible with older versions of MySQL. Note that this option works only with those servers that support quotation of names.

3. The ability of disabling the insertion of COMMIT keyword was added. Now you can extract metadata or export data as INSERT statement with or without COMMIT word after each block of data. It was added for compatibility reasons.

4. Now the grid column sizes can be optionally saved and restored in Grid View. You can enable this feature using "Environment options->Grid->Save grid view" option. Note that it can be enabled only when the "Fit columns width to grid width" option is disabled.

5. Data View: the ability of opening the BLOB Editor using the appropriate button in Form View was added. Now, if the BLOB field can't be represented as text, the BLOB editor is opened. (*)

6. Most recently used strings in Find and Replace dialogs are saved and restored now within the application options.

7. The Replace dialogue now properly appears after clicking the "Replace" menu item of the text editor.

8. All SQL Editors and Viewers: fixed bug with coloring data types. Now these words are represented as all other keywords.

9. Import Data Wizard: fixed bug with "Invalid class typecast" error after trying to cancel the import process. (*)

10. Fixed bug with Duplicate Object window. Now it appears and works properly.

11. Fixed the "Invalid variant operation" error while previewing or printing data with BIGINT fields. (*)

12. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.

(*) - Professional Edition only