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MySQL Manager 1.65 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 1.65?

1. Import Data Wizard is greatly improved: now you can import data from four different file formats - Microsoft Excel files, DBF files, text files and CSV files. The import doesn't require Microsoft Excel, BDE or ODBC to be installed on your machine.

2. SQL Script: ability to execute scripts on specified host was added. Now you can specify destination of script execution (host or active database) by
selecting a node from popup tree of the tool bar combo box.

3. Register Database dialogue: two new options was added: "Use SSL protocol" and "Use compression protocol". Both of these options are also available in Register Host wizard.

4. Data View: Set To Now item was added to data grid local menu. Now you can set the values of DATE, TIME and DATETIME to the current date and time.

5. German and Spanish localizations are added since releasing previous version. Now MySQL Manager supports English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Russian languages. Icelandic and Slovenian localizations will be added soon. We'll be very grateful to anyone who will translate the 'english.lng' file from your $(MySQL Manager)Languages folder to his native language different from the already existing.

6. Fixed bug with periodically Access Violation error occurances on exit the
MySQL Manager.

7. DB Explorer: fixed bug with showing/hiding of DB Explorer's window.

8. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.