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MySQL Manager 1.6 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 1.6?

1. EMS HiTech is now an official MySQL AB Software Partner!

2. Interface localization has been implemented. Five languages - English, French, Italian, Dutch and Russian - are included in the installation package. Spanish localization is coming soon. To change the program language choose the "Select Program Language" item of the "Options" menu or select it using combo box at the "Localization" tab of Environment Options form. Also you can edit the interface localization file by yourself. Just press Shift+Ctrl+L on any form to call the Localization Editor or create your own *.lng file based on any of the existing ones (see $(MySQL Manager)Languages folder to find them). We'll be very grateful to anyone who will send us a translation of 'english.lng' to his native language different from the already existing.

3. DB Explorer: three modes of viewing table's details in SQL Assistant were added. Now you can view table's fields, table's indices or table status. To switch between the modes use drop down menu of View Mode button or local menu of SQL Assistant.

4. DB Explorer: the ability of editing/dropping fields or indices was added to SQL Assistant. Use local popup menu to edit or drop the objects.

5. Blob Editor: the ability of viewing images in GIF format was added.

6. Query Builder: the last used query is being saved now on closing the Builder and is being restored on the next session of the Query Builder work.

7. You can restore the default size of any child forms by pressing Ctrl+D now.

8. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.