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MySQL Manager 1.2 released.

In this version:

1. Version 4.0.0-alpha of MySQL server is fully supported now!

2. Grant Manager: possibility of grant privileges for columns added. Now you can grant/revoke privileges for columns in addition to tables.

3. DB Explorer: Register/Unregister host feature was added. Now you can register several databases at once with Register Host wizard and quickly unregister all databases within a host.

4. Data View: All values in fields of ENUM type are displaying as it is represented in a table. Moreover, ENUM values now can be edited within drop list in a grid cell.

5. Fixed bug in User Manager. Now global privileges will be displayed correctly for users that have some privileges on the table level.

6. Fixed bug with primary key editing. Now fields can be added to or deleted from primary key properly.

7. Fixed bug with quick filtering of NULL values in Data View.

8. A lot of small improvements and minor bugfixes.