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QuickDesk released.


  1. Datapump utility: added ability to export MS SQL database to IB database.
  2. Datapump utility: now you can change the destination field's type.
  3. Options: added functionalty to 'Abort on Error' and 'Rollback on abort' SQL options.


  1. Changed the Triggers' creation wizard.
  2. Fixed defining editable data for tables and queries.
  3. Representation NUMERIC type fields in ODS 10 (Interbase 6).
  4. Fixed ExportAsInsert feature.
  5. Changed refresh tables' data procedure.
  6. Fixed problems with the QueryBuilder (occupation GDI resourse, fields' names in IB6 format).
  7. SQL script - fixed problems with reparsing script during editing, selecting objects from tree and error windows.
  8. Fixed AV on close QuickDesk with opened script window.
  9. Corrected creation computed fields.
  10. and some other small bugs...