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MySQL Manager 3.2 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of MySQL Manager. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in MySQL Manager 3.2?

  1. Import Data Wizard: Added Commit options
    • Commit when done;
    • Commit after each n records;
    • Commit changes manually: Imported data should be committed or rolled back by user after import completion.
  2. New Grid option 'Use compact view for TEXT fields'.
    When this option is ON, TEXT fields in grid mode are displayed as icons. To see or edit their content, you should press the expand button. When this option is OFF, TEXT fields are displayed as normal string fields.
  3. DB Explorer: Now MySQL Manager remembers 'Sort by Aliases' option.
  4. Create table window: Now it's possible to switch between cells in fields list using Tab key.
  5. Now it's possible to modify procedures and functions for MySQL 5.0.3.
  6. Sometimes when connecting to a database through SSH in DB Explorer an exception arose. Fixed now.
  7. Fixed the bug with running queries on servers with specific versions like "3.23.23-nt-20050403".
  8. Visual Database Designer: Fixed bug with opening previously saved diagram.
  9. Server properties: 'Kill process' now works correctly.
  10. Import Data Wizard: Now shows the number of committed records correctly.
  11. Fixed Access Violation error appeared when trying to add a field to the new table.
  12. An error arose when switching to BLOB Editor after closing the window from which it was started. Fixed now.
  13. Visual Query Builder: Now parsing errors are shown only when switching to Builder tab.
  14. Fixed error with importing from MS Excel and using the case adjustment functions.
  15. Import Data Wizard: when importing only a part of fields, the others were set to NULL.
  16. Other minor improvements and bug fixes.