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MySQL Manager 3.1 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of MySQL Manager. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in MySQL Manager 3.1?

  1. Connection character sets support. Now you can work with databases in different charsets, irrespectively of server defaults.
  2. Field charsets and collations support implemented.
  3. MySQL Manager now supports servers using long user names (more than 16 characters long).
  4. Truncate Tables service added. Now you can remove data from tables quickly.
  5. Improved Duplicate Object Wizard.
  6. Improved Export as SQL Script Wizard (former Export as INSERT dialog).
  7. Added support for VARBINARY and BINARY data types.
  8. Romanian localization added.
  9. Now Create Database Wizard shows detailed error messages while creating a database.
  10. Fixed the bug with impossibility to switch between windows using Windows Bar in some cases.
  11. Fixed some minor bugs in DB Explorer.
  12. It was impossible to filter grid content while in Load Visible Rows mode. Fixed now.
  13. Fixed the bug with inability to set field size when changing its type from TEXT to VARCHAR.
  14. Other minor improvements and bug fixes.