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IB/FB Manager 3.9 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of InterBase/FireBird Manager. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in IB Manager 3.9?

  1. InterBase 7.5 full support.
  2. FireBird 1.5 full support.
  3. SQL Editor. Renewed smart Code Insight and Highlight in the editors - now the list of keywords is set depending on the current database server version.
  4. Database Registration Info. An ability to choose a separate client library for each registered database was added.
  5. "Can't found Database login dialog.." bug is fixed now.
  6. DDL tab: Fixed the problem with opening the tab.
  7. It was impossible to create a domain of BIGINT type. Now the bug is fixed.
  8. It was impossible to create an AutoIncrement field of BIGINT type. The problem is solved.
  9. Fixed the bug with 10000 length limit for CHAR and VARCHAR fields.
  10. The bug with changing the field type from CHAR or VARCHAR to any numerical type is fixed now.
  11. COLLATION for the text fields couldn't be created. Now it is fixed.
  12. The ability to set CHARSET property for the BLOB types which don't support it is disabled now.
  13. SQL Editor. The Result page didn't open after running a query which contained a comment in the first line, beginning with "--". The problem is solved.
  14. Extract Metadata. The COLLATION property for the domains is shown correctly now.
  15. Script Comparer. The column index value is counted correctly now in the scripts like "ALTER COLUMN POSITION ...".
  16. The current database was disconnected by timeout without possibility to re-connect when Database Properties window was opened. The bug is fixed.
  17. Completely remade Restore Database service.
  18. Stored Procedure Debugger. Solved the problem with not returning the output procedure parameter when running "EXECUTE PROCEDURE ... RETURNING_VALUES ..."
  19. Stored Procedure Debugger. Pressing the Reset button doesn't cause erasing breakpoints now.
  20. Stored Procedure Debugger. Incorrect results were shown in case of existence "FOR SELECT ..." clause. Fixed now.
  21. Stored Procedure Editor. The output procedure parameter wasn't returned if the procedure was run without SUSPEND. Now it is solved.
  22. View editor. It was impossible to edit simple views. Fixed now.
  23. Window size and position were set incorrectly by default in SDI mode on multimonitor systems. Now the bug is fixed.
  24. Export data. An exception arose when trying to export data to CSV. Fixed now.
  25. Other small improvements.