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Query Builder 2.94 released.

We are pleased to announce new version of Query Builder. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in Query Builder 2.94?

  1. We have added Delphi 2005 support!
  2. We have implemented the TCustomQueryBuilder.CheckLinkFieldsType property to control linked fields type, checking when user creates a link by drag-and-drop operations (almost all servers allow joins with fields of different types, but errors can occur on execution).
  3. Added WorkAreaPopupMenu and TabsPopupMenu properties.
  4. TMSSQLQueryBuilder now supports constants in JOIN conditions.
  5. The new ActiveCaptionText and InactiveCaptionText properties to set table caption text colors are added.
  6. We have added GenerateUniqueFieldAliases property: if =true then when you add an already selected field to Selection tab, QB generates unique alias for this field.
  7. For selected field without prefix (table name/alias) QB searches for this field in all tables used in query. But if this field is not found (or this is really not a field, but complex expression) QueryBuilder fires new event OnCheckExpressions.
  8. TPgSQLQueryBuilder now supports ILIKE operator.
  9. We have fixed the bug with comlex visual JOIN'ing.
  10. Fixed bug with scrolling fields in small tables in designer area.
  11. Parsing queries when operator Display Name is changed works correctly now.
  12. Reserved words for MS SQL are fixed.
  13. Solved the problem with parsing queries with functions Left(), Right() and others (with the same names as one of the reserved words).
  14. Fixed bug with disappearance of GROUP BY items in some cases when parsing.
  15. A lot of minor improvements and bug fixes.