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QuickDesk 2.75 released.

What's new in QuickDesk 2.75?

1. Some improvements in the Export Data Module:

 - a possibility of defining stripy styles of the Excel sheet is added;    
 - we've optimized the algorithm of the export to Excel. Now it works much faster! (*)

2. Visual QuickDesk (Database Designer): a possibility of changing link color is added. You can select a color for all links together as well as for each link separately. We've also fixed a bug with printing table header and made some small improvements. (*)

3. Now it's possible to drag'n'drop tables, views and fields from the SQL Assistant to the SQL Editor. If you drop a table or view then the SQL Editor will contain the SELECT FROM statement and if you drop fields QuickDesk will add in the SQL Editor their names (separated by colon).

Another new feature in the SQL Assistant: now you can open the Field Editor through double click on the field name. Also the "View SQL Assistant" item is added to the main menu.

4. Fixed bug with losing trigger description if the trigger was renamed.

5. Some small improvements and bugfixes.

(*) -- Professional Edition only