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PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.7 released

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager 2.7?

1. Extract Metadata. We have added the possibility to make scripts for all objects of a schema.

2. SQL Editor. Now it is possible to view the query results on the same tab with the query text.

3. When connecting to the server 8.0beta5 an error arose, as in this version of the server it is impossible to define tablespace for schema and, therefore, in the system table 'pg_namespace' there is no 'nsptablespace' field. The proper changes are given in PostgreSQL Manager.

4. SQL executor now supports dollar-quoted strings.

5. In function definition the function body is now shown as dollar-quoted string. You can disable this using the 'Dollar-quoted Function Body on Server 8.0 and Higher' option on the Object Editors tab of Environment Options dialog.

6. There is new possibility to disable showing the Changing Metadata window using the corresponding option in Confirmations tab of Environment Options dialog.

7. Query Builder. Access Violation error emerged when adding a criterion and closing a form. The bug is fixed.

8. 'Make hidden Table Explorer visible on new table window' option is substituted for 'Hide Table Explorer'. A new button is added to the Table editor toolbar to show/hide the explorer.

9. Expressions of indices for server 8.0 beta 5 are shown correctly now.

10. Now, when creating SERIAL and BIGSERIAL on server 8.0, the script like ALTER TABLE ADD SERIAL is generated. On creating SERIAL on server 7.4 and lower the maximum value for created sequence is limited now according to INTEGER type.

11. BLOBs with OID more than 2147483647 were shown empty. The problem is solved now.

12. The error arose and the views were not shown, when the user without rights for some schemas usage tried to connect to server. Now it is fixed.

13. Function editor. Sometimes after compiling a function the list of arguments became empty. Fixed now.

14. Export wizard. When the 'Current record only' option was selected the cursor jumped to the first record and the first record was exported. The problem is solved.

15. Grid tab of Environment Options dialog. The new 'Autofill Not Null fields w/o default' option is added.

16. Now the Help \\ 'Send bug report to' menu item is passed to our Support Ticket System.

17. Small improvements and bugfixes.