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New versions of Export, Import and Extract utilities for Linux released.

What's new in Export, Import, Extract utilities for Linux.
Common features/changes:

1. We have improved the compatibility with different Linux versions. Now the program is supposed to work correctly since the redhat 7.0 version to the most modern linuxes.
2. We have added the possibility to enter a unix-socket instead of the port number like "/tmp/mysql.sock", "/var/lib/pgsql/.s.PGSQL.5435", i.e. to connect to the local server with disabled TCP/IP.
3. We have implemented an installer. The program is distributed as a sh-script now instead of archives.
4. Several bugfixes in design: displaced fonts, wrong control sizes, invisible combo box captions, etc.
5. Closing the help file often caused the program hang-up. Fixed now.
6. The majority of open/save dialogs didn’t show files due to the incorrect filters. The problem is solved.

Export v1.5:

1. The registration of the program is performed via the "License.key" now.
2. After pressing the "Cancel" button on the progress form you couldn’t export anything until the program was restarted. Now it is fixed.
3. Closing the progress form not via the "Cancel" button caused the program hang-up. The problem is solved.
4. Fixed the bug with returning the "Access violation" error after quick repeated pressing the button "Next".
5. After selecting "Select all" the program turned to export data of another type than that defined by the user. Fixed now.

Import v1.5:

1. The registration of the program is performed via the "License.key" now.
2. We have significantly improved the usability of .txt files importing page.
3. Autodetection of file type didn't work. The problem is solved.

Extract v1.1:

1. We have added a help file.
2. The extraction process couldn't be terminated. The bug is fixed.
3. Fixed the bug with disabling the buttons next/prev in wrong places.
4. The console version took the configuration file not from the current directory, but from the installation one. As a result, only the root user could work with the version. The problem is solved.