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QuickDesk 2.4 released.

What's new in 2.4?

1. In this version we have replaced MwEdit component suite with the SynEdit one (http://synedit.sourceforge.net). This component is the engine of QuickDesk syntax-highlight editors and viewers. As a result of this replacement we have the following improvements and bugfixes:

   - we hope we have fixed longstanding bug with impossibility of typing
     some special characters (||, { etc) in German and some other
     European keyboards;
   - printing and previewing objects' DDL, content of the SQL Editor
     and so on work much faster now.

   Also all Firebird 1.0 reserved words (CURRENT_ROLE, CURRENT_USER, FIRST, SKIP etc) are now highlighted in all editors and viewers.

2. Now it is possible to invoke Export Data, Export Data As INSERT statements and Import Data functions directly from the DB Explorer. Just select a table in the DB Explorer tree and right-click for the popup menu...(*)

3. QuickDesk templates dialogue: the text of template procedures, views, triggers and so on is syntax-highlighted now.

4. Fixed bug with editing data in the tables not containing a primary key in itself.

5. Table Editor, Extract Metadata: fixed bug with unnecessary symbols before the DEFAULT statement.

6. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.

(*) -- Professional Edition only