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PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.5.5 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.5.5?

1. Program works correctly with PostgreSQL Server v8.0 now
 Fixed bugs that caused:
 - 'column d.datpath does not exist' - when trying connect to server
 - 'could not convert type character to "char" - when entering User/Group/Grant Manager
 - 'column "proiscachable" does nor exist' - when extracting metadata

2. Definition of rules in Rule editor is word wrapped now.

3. Export As Insert: in float field dot is used as fractional part separator now.

4. Creating Table: in schema list the first item after 'default' item was not considered. Fixed now.

5. Extract Metadata: Now the program extracts domain constraints on server v7.4

6. Fixed a bug that caused the accident program shut down while editing array-field value.

7. SQL Editor: We have divided 'Save to File' button into 'Save' and 'Save as' buttons.

8. Fixed a bug with view definition formating.

9. Function Debugger
 -Fixed a bug with usage enclosed blocks DECLARE
 -Parameterized bound cursor parameters are substituting in the correct order now

10. Export to XML. If table field names contained spaces, the summary-file wouldn't open. Fixed now.

11. Keyboard Templates editor:
 - We have added back drop-down menu to 'Symbol' button
 - Fixed a bug with usage templates with fields #author, #time or #date

12. Code Completion bounced back to the top of the list after you started typing. Fixed now.

13. Field editor: 'Convert created object's name to lower case' option is considered now.

14. Foreign key editor: we add the name of table to the title when editing foreign key

15. Fixed a bug with usage table with index names that differ after 50th symbol.

16. Changing Metadata window: now the editor font is determined by the database properties instead of the previous default.

17. Some small improvements and bug fixes.