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PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.5 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.5?

1. Table Editor: Now you can cluster your tables using the new Cluster Table service. This service is accessible through the corresponding button on the Table Editor toolbar.

2. Print View: Now you can customize columns width using the new dialog that is accessible through the Table Column Widths button on the toolbar.

3. Now you can connect to PostgreSQL Server v7.5-devel (native Windows version).

4. Export to Excel: We have added an ability to set values of the defined cells, merge cells, and define the page background.

5. Import Wizard: We have added an ability to define the error log file name.

6. Now you can update and delete table records by only the unique identifier of the record (i.e. primary key or unique index) instead of the complete record value (all fields). To make this feature available check the Use Key Fields Only switch on the Grid tab of the Environment Options dialog.

7. Print View: Now the program saves page settings. You can disable this feature on the Reports tab of the Environment Options dialog.

8. Now the program correctly shows results of the FETCH statement.

9. SQL Editor: We have added the Explain Query item to the Run drop-down menu on the toolbar. Check this item to show/hide the query execution plan when executing the query.

10. Export As Insert: Now the program exports data from views regarding to the current filter settings.

11. Fixed a bug that caused the 'Error while posting updates' error when updating the TIME field set to 00:00:00.

12. Fixed a bug in the code completion system that slowed down the processor if the selected localization differed from the default one.

13. Function Debugger / Modify Variable dialog: Now the program correctly drops the NULL flag when changing values of fields. The "Invalid variant type conversation" error appeared when opening NULL fields is fixed now.

14. The 'Field XXX must have a value' error appeared when trying to save data of the BLOB field with the NOT NULL flag checked. Now it is fixed.

15. Fixed a bug that caused the 'Invalid field size' error when trying to execute SELECT statements that contain the bytea statements (i.e. function calls that return bytea statements).

16. Query Builder:

  • Now the program correctly parses ILIKE statements;
  • Now the program correctly builds query if the table has two or more links;
  • Now you can drag and drop tables to the work area without any difficulties.

17. Data Grid: Fixed a bug with the improper disabling of the navigation buttons.

18. Fixed a bug with usage of fonts that are defined in the Environment Options dialog.

19. Now the program correctly adds the name of the newly created view to the DB Explorer list.

20. Form View: Now the program correctly displays NULL values of date and time fields.

21. Some small improvements and bug fixes.