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MS SQL Manager 1.6 released.

What's new in MS SQL Manager 1.6?

1. We have significantly improved the Export Dialog. Now you can add notes, hyperlinks, and charts based on exported data to Excel documents. You can also define graphical styles for column captions, data, footer, and header on export to RTF documents. A possibility to define strip styles is also included.

2. We have significantly improved the Import Data Wizard to make most of new abilities of EMS QuickImport 2 component suite available in MS SQL Manager:

  • Import from XML format is available now.
  • A possibility of importing data from different Excel sheets is implemented.
  • A possibility of importing formulas from Excel is added.

3. We have implemented a new service - Backup Devices Manager. You can access this new service through the Services menu.

4. SQL Editor: Now you can use the Shift+Ctrl+Spacebar key combination to view function parameters after you enter a function name in your code. The Shift+Ctrl+P key combination can be used to insert names of the function parameters into your code.

5. Duplicate Table: With this version you can copy the table data along with the table structure.

6. We have added a new localization - Chinese (Simplified).

7. The Database Metadata Log now contains only records that are executed completely and not rolled back.

8. The Database SQL Editor Log now contains only statements that are executed successfully. You can disable this feature using the corresponding option on the SQL Editor tab of the Environment Options dialog.

9. Now the program correctly shows all the objects on the Dependencies tab.

10. If the table contained a calculated field with more than 4000-char length, then the 'List index is out of bounds' error appeared. We have fixed it.

11. Form View: NULL values of date fields were displayed as 30.12.1899.

12. Small improvements and bug fixes.