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Query Builder 2.9 released.

What's new in QueryBuilder Component Suite 2.9?

1. We have added the CaseSensitiveIdentifiers property to the TSQLQueryBuilder and the TMSSQLQueryBuilder classes. Set this property to True to make the component sensitive to identifiers case.

2. We have added the TCustomQueryBuilder.SaveToGraphic method. Use this method to save the query diagram to TGraphic object. This feature can be used to print the query diagram or use it as an image in other documents.

3. We have added the TCustomQueryBuilder.OnCheckProcedureName event. Use it to indicate that the object is a procedure. This event is available only for servers that support procedures without brackets in SELECT statements.

4. We have added the TQBSelectParser.IsProcEmptyInputParamsBracket function. You need to redefine this function if you develop the query builder for a database server that is not supported by our suite. This function returns True if the SQL dialect uses brackets in procedures with empty parameters.

5. We have added the TCustomQueryBuilder.Palette.WorkSpace property. Use it to define color of the work area.

6. Now the components save table size and expanded property in the builder area.

7. Now the suite supports Delphi 4 in full version.

8. Fixed bug caused an exception when Operator.Name <> Operator.Caption.

9. Fixed bug with parsing the Field1 || Field2 statements.

10. Fixed bug with parsing JOIN statements like

    SELECT ....
      INNER JOIN Table1 Alias1 ON (Table1.id = Alias1.id)
      INNER JOIN Table1 Alias2 ON (Alias1.id = Alias2.id)

11. Now the parser supports queries with parameters like "SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE field1 = :param_name".

12. Some minor improvements and bug fixes.