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MySQL Manager 2.7 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 2.7?

1. With this version you can work with MySQL server 4.1.1 or higher.

2. We have fixed a bug that caused an error when working with SSH client.

3. Export to Excel: Now you can export your data into any cell of the excel spread sheet.

4. Export to Excel: A possibility of creating merged cells is added.

5. Export to Excel: The "Auto calculate column width" option is added.

6. Export to Excel: We have added a possibility of defining background images for an Excel sheet.

7. HTML Report: You can now edit the CSS table.

8. HTML Report: A bug with displaying index columns is fixed.

9. Import Wizard: We have added a possibility of defining an error log file name.

10. Import Wizard: The "Rewrite error log file" option is added.

11. Import Wizard: The "Show error log" option works correctly now.

12. Import from Access: Fixed bug with displaying table list.

13. SQL Editor: We have changed hot keys for deleting query (Ctrl-R) with Ctrl-Del and for deleting all history (Shift-Ctrl-R) with Shift-Ctrl-Del to avoid a conflict with the "Replace text" function from the context menu.

14. Import from Excel: Fixed bug with selecting ranges.

15. Now the Query Builder saves table size, position and expanded property in the builder area.

16. We have fixed bug with parsing queries such as:

      Inner Join MyTable Alias1 On (MyTable.Id = Alias1.Id)
      Inner Join MyTable Alias2 On (Alias1.Id = Alias2.Id)