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Query Builder 2.81 released.

What's new in QueryBuilder Component Suite v2.81?

1. We have implemented support for Oracle. Now you can use the TOracleQueryBuilder component to build queries for Oracle databases. The suite now supports eight SQL dialects: standard SQL, Oracle, InterBase/FireBird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, MS SQL, and DBISAM.

2. Now the components save table positions in the builder area.

3. Now the components correctly work with tables, fields, and schemas that contain the "." symbols in their names.

4. We have added the Oracle Demo Application to the package. You can use this demo if you have the Direct Oracle Access components installed in your Delphi environment.

5. The MS SQL Demo Application now allows you to build queries with UDFs.

6. Now you can use the following functions in your own applications:

TCustomQueryBuilder.Parser.Scaner.NeedQuotes(const Ident: string): boolean;
This functions returns true if it is necessary to quote the SQL identifier.

TCustomQueryBuilder.Parser.Scaner.ProcessName(const S: string): string;
This function quotes the identifier defined in input value. The identifier can be composite, e.g. Schema.Table.Field.

TCustomQueryBuilder.Parser.Scaner.QuoteName(const S: string): string;
This function quotes simple SQL identifier.

TCustomQueryBuilder.Parser.Scaner.QuoteStr(const S: string): string;
This function simply quotes the string.

7. Fixed bug with Links properties for some servers.

8. Fixed bug with creating join links.

9. Fixed bug with parsing the stored procedure parameters.

10. Some small improvements and bug fixes.