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PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.2 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.2?

1. We have significantly improved the data grids. Now the data grids support array fields. We have also added the new navigation panel that is more convenient to use.

2. The Code Insight system now supports aliases in SELECT queries.

3. Report improvements: XLS and bitmap export, hypertext and URL links in designer and many more.

4. We have added Romanian localization to the installation package.

5. We have updated the Export Data dialog and fixed some bugs in export process.

6. Data Grid: We have reduced the memory usage and added the Copy and Paste items in the drop-down menu.

7. Grant Manager: Fixed bug with displaying permissions for PostgreSQL v7.4.

8. Register Database Dialog: We have added the 'Login Prompt before Connection' option for SSH connection. The 'Copy Alias from' button works correctly now.

9. Query Builder: Now you can show/hide system fields. Use the 'Show System Fields' option on the Query Builder tab of the Environment Options dialog.

10. Environment Options: We have added the 'Convert line end to Linux style in string constants of executed SQL statements' option to the Tools tab.

11. SQL Script: Fixed bug with the Rollback on Abort option. The Client Encoding and the SQL Timeout parameters works properly now.

12. View Editor: Fixed bug with compiling views which contained fields with names in uppercase.

13. Fixed bugs with primary and unique keys when recreating tables.

14. Fixed bug with script generation when editing BIGSERIAL and SERIAL fields.

15. The Extract Metadata tool generated one-row views' DDLs. Now it is fixed.

16. We have fixed up the parser that forms SELECT statements in views' DDLs.

17. Fixed bug with generating script when creating TIME or TIMESTAMP array fields.

18. Create/Drop Database: fixed bugs with SSH connection.

19. Some small improvements and bug fixes.