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QuickDesk 2.1 released.

The newest version of QuickDesk 2.1 is now available on

In this version:


1. We have implemented NEW DB Explorer mode: Now you can group databases by servers. We also added the feature enabling you to easily switch to Table Subobjects View.

2. NEW server tool was added: Now you can see the number of changing metadata for each table of a database.

3. Field Editor: check box 'Support IB6 syntax' was added. Now you can easily switch between the old syntax and the new one.

4. Switching to view of Stored Procedures headers is now made easier than
ever. Just use the appropriate button on the toolbar of Stored Procedure

5. When you duplicate an object in Object Explorer, you will be now
requested to provide its name.

Corrections and Fixes:

1. User Manager was corrected according for support the new DB Explorer

2. Some corrections in Database Statistics and Database Backup modules.

3. Some corrections in BLOB Viewer/Editor.

4. Few minor corrections and bugfixes.