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PostgreSQL Manager 2.0 released!

EMS HiTech is very glad to announce PostgreSQL Manager v2.0 - the next major version of our powerful GUI tool for PostgreSQL Server.

What's new in version 2.0?

1. Support for PostgreSQL 7.4!

Now PostgreSQL Manager fully supports PostgreSQL Server v7.4. 

2. Visual Database Designer!

The Visual Database Designer is implemented. Now it is possible to design your database intuitively using this tool. A lot of features are implemented including reverse engineering, foreign keys support and diagram printing/saving/loading. Customizing of the Visual Database Designer is available on the Options -> Environment Options -> Tools -> Visual Database Designer tab. (*)

3. Plpgsql Function Debugger!

To fix errors or optimize function code you can debug the function step-by-step before compilation, using the Plpgsql Function Debugger. To activate the debugger open the function in the Function Editor, then click the "Debug Function" button on the toolbar. (*)

4. HTML Report Generator!

Now you can generate detailed reports about your database in HTML format. You can call this tool by selecting the "HTML Report" item from the "Tools" menu. (*)

5. Internal SSH client!

An internal SSH client has been implemented in PostgreSQL Manager. Now it is possible to connect to a remote PostgreSQL server using local port forwarding through the SSH (Secure SHell) tunnel. All the necessary parameters for SSH connection are available on the SSH tab of the Database Registration dialog, and on the first step of the Register Host Wizard. (*)

6. Improved Data Export and Data Import Wizards!

Now you can add charts based on exported data to Excel documents and import data from Excel sheets and XML files.(*)

7. Now the program tries to restore the broken connections with the server.

8. We have fixed an error on saving BLOBs.

9. Now grids automatically switch to the "Load Visible Rows" mode on opening queries with a large amount of result rows.

10. Now the program allows you to create an index when creating a foreign key if the referenced table has no index for the foreign key.

11. Now the program automatically adds proper operators to the script when creating the primary key if the NOT NULL option is unspecified for the fields.

12. Some small improvements and bug fixes.

(*) -- Professional Edition only

We hope you will like the new version of our product!