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MS SQL Manager 1.2 released.

What's new in MS SQL Manager 1.2?

1. We have added the Services menu, which contains two database services - Attach Database and Detach Database.

2. Now you can run stored procedures from the Procedure Editor.

3. Now MS SQL Manager supports operation timeouts. You can setup the timeout values using the Timeouts panel on the Tools tab of the Environment Options dialog.

4. We have added the "Try to open server cursor" option to the SQL Editor tab of the Environment options dialog.

5. The "Field 'Name' not found" error appeared on registering database for some servers. Now it is fixed.

6. Now MS SQL Manager correctly opens tables with large NUMERIC and DECIMAL fields.

7. Fixed bug in Code Completion system. Now it correctly displays view fields.

8. Fixed bug with comments on altering procedures and functions.

9. The "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error appeared in some cases. Now it is fixed.

10. SQL Editor: Fixed bug with "There is no active transaction" message appearance during the query execution when transactions are disabled.

11. Query Builder: Fixed bug with dragging and dropping tables from the list at the right of the window to the workspace.

12. SQL Script: Fixed bug in building the object tree, if the script contains objects, which names differ only by char cases.

13. Editor Options: Now you can customize colors for SQL functions and SQL data types.

14. Now SQL Editor saves the cursor position for every script, which is currently opened.

15. We have added Copy and Paste items to the grid menus.

16. Now MS SQL Manager doesn't show the _WA_Sys_xxx indices.

17. A large amount of different bugfixes in Query Builder.

18. Some small bugfixes and improvements.