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QuickExport 3.0 released!

What's new in v3.0?

1. We have added a possibility of defining hyperlinks to the TQExport3XLS component.
The result Excel file can contain hyperlinks to web pages or to local files. Use the Hyperlinks property for this purpose.

2. We have added a possibility of defining Notes in the TQExport3XLS component. Use this property to define comments to cells. The new NoteFormat property will help you to make an attractive appearance for your comments.

3. Now you can add charts based on the exported data to the result Excel file. We have added the Charts property for this purpose.

4. The new CaptionAligns property is added to the TQExport3RTF component. All column captions are left aligned by default. To set another alignment column caption you have to add a line such as 

to the CaptionAligns property.

5. We have improved graphical possibilities of the TQExport3RTF component. Now you can define graphical styles for column captions, data, footer, and header.

6. A possibility of defining strip styles also added to the TQExport3RTF component. Use the StripStyles property for defining strings and the StripType property to define strip type (none, columns, rows).

7. To define new properties of the TQExportRTF component at run time we have added some new events: OnGetCaptionStyle, OnGetDataStyle, OnGetFooterStyle and OnGetHeaderStyle. Using these events allows you to tune an appearance of the result file flexible.

8. The OnBeforeExportSheet and OnAfterExportSheet events are added to the TQExport3XLS component.

9. We have added the TqeCustomSource component to the suite. This component allows you to export data from any component, list or array. Just write two event handlers OnGetNextRecord and OnGetColumnValue and call the Execute method of the corresponding Export component to start export. For more info see the context help file and the corresponding demo application. The CustomSource property is added to all components of the suite.

10. The TQExport3Dialog and TADO_QExport3Dialog components are improved. They include all new features from the TQExport3XLS and TQExport3RTF components.

11. Some other improvements and bugfixes.