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QuickDesk 2.15 released.


1. From now on system objects, such as domains, tables and triggers can be moved to separate folders
(see Main menu->Options->Environment Options->Tools).
Then you can edit those objects or remove them from there. Of course, it is impossible to create new system objects.

2. When you register a new database while the server mode is activated,  the current server's name is automatically plugged into the dialogue. If you then choose this server in the DB Explorer, the SQL Assistant will contain a list of databases on the server and you will be able to open/close those by double-clicking (their names).

3. A new tab Recent is added to the DB Explorer. It contains the list of last opened objects. The list is common for all databases. When you attempt to open an object from a closed database, the latter will be opened automatically.

4. In the view table subobjects mode you can add, edit and remove fields, constraints, indices and triggers directly from the DB Explorer.

5. FIBPlus component suite (QuickDesk engine) was updated to version 4.4.

6. A new item, Reset Grid Columns, is added to Data Grid popup menu. Choose it to reset the grid settings to default values, restore the actual order of table's fields etc.

7. Amount of resources consumed by QuickDesk is now greatly reduced.

Corrections and Fixes:

1. Fixed bug with possibility of edit data in results of live queries.

2. Grant Manager: fixed some problems with UPDATE and DELETE grants.

3. Fixed bug with closing database tools after disconnect from database.

4. Few minor corrections and bugfixes.