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PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 1.8 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 1.8?

1. The Extract Metadata Expert now builds scripts according to the dependencies between objects.
NOTE: However, sometimes you need to change the statement order manually.

2. We've added an opportunity of incremental search to many of the program lists.

3. Names of the new objects are converted to lower case on typing now if the "Convert created object's names to lower case" option is checked. You can find this option on the Preferences page of the Environment Options dialog.

4. Bug with the "Error while posting updates" message appearance during updating records in a table, containing REAL and TIMESTAMP fields, is fixed now.

5. Fixed bug with 50-char limit for displaying or editing values of VARCHAR fields with undefined length.

6. During work with table, which contained CHAR/VARCHAR fields with length more than 8000 chars, the "Invalid field size" message appeared. Now it is fixed.

7. The DB Explorer opened on the Windows tab on the program startup. Now it is fixed.

8. Fixed bug with deleting wrong function if the database contains two functions with the same names, which differ only char case.

9. Fixed bug with the incorrect DB Explorer tree refreshing after creating functions in some cases.

10. Function duplicating in the DB Explorer works correctly now if the grouping option is checked.

11. PostgreSQL v7.1: Some functions were not determined as system functions. Now it is fixed.

12. Table Editor / Duplicate Field: A table name in the UPDATE statement is quoted now.

13. Fixed bug with restoration of privileges for views and sequences after their recreation.

14. Form View: the Not Null option was dropped only after the record saving. Now it is fixed.

15. Reindex: Now index names include namespace.

16. Export Wizard / Import Wizard: Initial directories to save/load templates are set correctly now.

17. Shortcuts for labels work correctly in all forms now.

18. Table's DDL: Names for SERIAL and BIGSERIAL fields are quoted now.

19. Function's DDL: Return value type is quoted now.

20. SQL Editor: All options from the Transaction Confirmation group work correctly now.

21. SQL Editor: The "column number 4 is out of range 0..3" message doesn't appear any more during the query execution.

22. Now SQL Editor shows correctly all the available notices.

23. SQL Editor / Query Builder: Help buttons do not exist any more.

24. SQL Script: The Rollback On Abort option works correctly now.

25. SQL Script: Statement ranges were not detected correctly in some cases. Now it's fixed.

26. Now Grant Manager generates correct scripts for setting the function's owner and for defining grants for functions with large amount of parameters.

27. User Manager / Group Manager: The grid shows all the columns on startup now instead of only last as in previous versions.

28. Now User Manager and Group Manager detect SUPERUSER even if the user name contains characters in upper case.

29. User Manager / Group Manager: The "User 'xxx' has no privilege to edit users" used to appear twice. Now it's fixed.

30. Several minor bugfixes and small improvements.