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MySQL Manager 2.6 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 2.6?

1. We've added the MySQL Server v4.1 support to MySQL Manager. Starting from this version MySQL Manager allows you to connect to MySQL 4.1 using its authentication protocol, so no more client incompatibility messages are going to appear.

2. We've added a possibility to disable the separated thread creation for each data/result view in tables and SQL editors. This may be necessary if maximum allowed connection limit is too low. To use this possibility, just check the "Use shared connection for each data view within a database" option, which is located on the Grid -> Advanced tab of the Environment Options dialog.

3. The foreign key checks can be disabled now while transferring databases by MySQL Manager. You can check the "Disable foreign key checks" option on the last step of the Transfer Database Wizard for this purpose. (*) This option is also available in the Extract Metadata Wizard, if it is checked, then the SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0 command is generated at the top of the script.

4. The SQL Monitor operation list now includes the SHOW command as well. You can enable/disable displaying the SHOW operations by checking/unchecking the respective option on the Tools -> SQL Monitor tab of the Environment Options dialog.

5. The Print View of the Table Editor Data tab allows you to save current report as CSV, TXT, RTF or HTML file now. (*)

6. The Unsigned flag is available for the FLOAT and DOUBLE fields on MySQL server 4.0.2 or higher.

7. Now MySQL Manager also supports foreign keys for the MySQL server versions from 3.23.44 to 3.23.50, in which a foreign key definition is not generated within a table definition returned by the SHOW CREATE TABLE command.

8. Fixed bug with the incorrect BIGINT value displaying in the query result if the field has an alias in the query text.

9. Fixed bug with the incorrect fields order in the INSERT statement generated by the Export as Insert Dialog in some cases. (*)

10. Fixed bug with the impossibility to drop a foreign key from a list containing only one foreign key.

11. Fixed bug with an invalid value displaying after editing a TIMESTAMP field in the grid view.

12. Fixed bug in the Extract Metadata Wizard with generating the incorrect order of tables containing foreign keys.

13. Fixed bug with the impossibility to set a field as a primary key in the Visual Database Designer diagram. (*)

14. Fixed bug with transferring binary data. (*)

15. Some minor corrections and small improvements.