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PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 1.75 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 1.75?

1. We have added three new localizations: Polish, Brazil and Japanese.

2. The caption and the pointer of the current cell are now colored in the data grid.

3. Now PostgreSQL Manager scans the localization folder on startup.

4. SQL Script now prompts confirmation for parsing on reading large files.

5. We have added the Undo/Redo commands to the popup menus of all editors.

6. Objects are no more refreshed on dropping. This was done for increasing the process speed.

7. Fixed bug with displaying the TIME field values with milliseconds.

8. Milliseconds can be displayed now in the TIMESTAMP field values. Add symbols 'zzz' to the respective format on the Grid tab of the Environment Options dialog for this purpose.

9. Import Data Wizard: fixed bug with importing milliseconds into date and time fields.

10. BLOB Editor now works correctly in the transaction-off-mode.

11. The error with cutting char and varchar field values to 512 symbols is fixed now.

12. If on closing the application an SQL Script or SQL Monitor window was active and maximized then the state of the child windows did not restore on next startup. Now it is fixed.

13. Fixed bug with displaying the negative values of the BIGINT fields in the Data Grid of the Table Editor.

14. Now Export as Insert Dialog called from the SQL Editor positions the current record to the first correctly.

15. Object editors allowed entering more symbols to the Name field than the name length in the database. We have fixed this.

16. The CPU load during the Visual Query Builder work process is decreased.

17. Backslashes are now processed correctly in comments, function bodies, etc.

18. SQL Editor: Fixed bug with writing comments when saving all queries.

19. Data from the REGPROC fields are returned correctly now.

20. The Access Violation error doesn't occur any more if you change the object name after its creation in the Change Metadata window and press Commit.

21. Now on adding an argument of the function or trigger the cursor is positioned to the argument and the edit mode turns on.

22. Fixed bug with the impossibility of scrolling the argument list in the Function Editor while the edit mode was on.

23. Several minor bugfixes and small improvements.