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QuickDesk 1.6 released.

Changes in version 1.6

  • The opportunity of printing metadata is added. You can receive the report on a separate object (from the corresponding object editor) as well as on the whole database. All the DDL statements, texts of procedures, triggers and views are printed with syntax highlighting. Besides, the opportunity is given to the user to adjust colors, fonts and some other properties of the reports.

  • The changes have also touched the data grids in SQL Editor, tables, views and procedures editors. For some reasons we had to refuse working with the grid that we have used before. TDBGridEh by Dmitry Bolshakov is now being used. Height of lines in a grid can be changed by your preferences. In this case, if there are any long lines in the grid fields, the word wrapping will be made. It is very convenient when viewing fields containing long lines.

  • Preliminary compilation of procedures and triggers is added. This opportunity is available in corresponding editors, and also in SQL Editor. The preliminary compilation allows to find out some types of errors (for example, incorrectly entered name of parameter or variable) without sending the expression to the server. The analysis of procedures and triggers text is made directly on the clients computer, which allows to speed up essentially the process of procedures and triggers debugging, and also to receive a more informative error message.

  • The editors of domains and table fields are essentially advanced. The opportunity of automatic creation of generators and triggers for autoincrement fields is added.

  • The format of Project View storage is changed.

  • Some visual elements, such as SQL Assistant and error message boxes, are made dockable.

  • The opportunity of launching QuickDesk with parameters from the command line is added. Syntax: quickdesk.exe project username password. Naturally, the parameters can be omitted beginning from the last one.

  • We have fixed the error connected with the fact that before the query execution in SQL Editor the query text was being converted to uppercase.

  • In SQL Editor all queries are now executed within one transaction. Initially for each new query its own transaction started, and before the execution of the following query it had either to be commited, or to be rolled back.

  • The design of SQL Editor has been changed a little. More precisely, that part of it, which is responsible for switching from one query to another. Now query bookmarks are displayed as buttons and the user can call these buttons as he likes (Ctrl+F2).

  • Some old bugs are corrected, some new ones are added.