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IB Manager 3.6 released.

What's new in IB Manager 3.6?

1. We have significantly improved Stored Procedure Debugger. Now it is possible to trace into a procedure, executed from the current one, using the Trace Into button and then return to a previous procedure quickly using the Run Until Return button. These functions are also available through the F7 and Shift+F8 key shortcuts respectively. (*)

2. We have added a Japanese localization to the IB Manager distributive package. Now ten languages are available: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Brazilian, Hungarian and Japanese.

3. We have extended a possibility to save diagrams as graphical images. Now you can save your diagrams to four graphical file formats: bitmap, JPEG image, GIF image and Windows metafile. This feature is available through the Save as Image button of the Visual Database Designer toolbar. (*)
4. Object description definitions are now extracted as UPDATE ... SET RDB$DESCRIPTION = ... statements for FireBird 1.x databases, since FireBird server supports inserting multi-line strings to BLOB fields.
5. The Grant Manager provides two new menu items now: Grant All on All and Revoke All on All. Use them for granting or revoking all privileges on all objects to the current object at once.
6. Query parameters are parsed correctly by the Visual Query Builder now. (*)
7. Fixed bug with setting object names in lower or mixed case in object editors if FireBird database is used.
8. Fixed bug with incorrect field order in the INSERT statement generated by the Export As Insert dialog. (*)
9. NUMERIC and DECIMAL fields doesn't change their types to INTEGER or DOUBLE PRECISION after trying to change the dimension anymore.
10. Now the Compare Scripts feature generates the result script correctly for tables with different fields order.
11. The HTML Report generates trigger descriptions correctly now. (*)
12. The 'Transaction is active' doesn't appear anymore after calling the windows list while the Data tab of the Table Editor is active.
13. Identifiers appearing in the IN (..) clause are parsed correctly by the Visual Query Builder now. (*)
14. Fixed bug in the Stored Procedure Debugger with retrieving the count of variables if type conversions are used in the procedure. (*)
15. Minor bugfixes and a lot of small improvements.

(*) - Professional Edition only.