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MySQL/PostgreSQL Export 1.4 released.

What's new in MySQL Export and PostgreSQL Export?

1. We have implemented exporting queries in the wizard application. Now you can set a number of queries for different databases and export their results as well as tables.

2. We have added saving/loading configuration files for the whole wizard application. These files contain information about the connection properties, selected tables and queries, and all the export options. You can also use these files for working with the console application. Now you don't have to specify all the console parameters manually - you can make all the settings through the wizard, save the configuration, and get the console configuration file ready for use.

3. Now you can use the console application for exporting tables and query results from different databases. The new [Databases] section appeared in the console configuration file, where you can specify a separate database for each table or query. Note that the format of the [Queries] section in the console configuration file has also changed. See help file for details.

4. PostgreSQL Export: we have added namespace support for PostrgeSQL v7.3.

5. Now you can export empty tables or queries through the wizard application. Use option Preferences --> Export Empty for this purpose.

6. We have implemented the interface localization (Windows version only). You can create your own localization files similar to 'LanguagesEnglish.lng', located in the program directory.

7. We have made considerable interface improvements for the wizard application (Windows version only).

8. We have redesigned our help files - now it is much more convenient to use them (Linux version only).

9. A bug with exporting strings with spaces to Access is fixed.

10. Several minor improvements and small bugfixes.