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MySQL Manager 2.5 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager for Windows 2.5?

1. We have added a possibility to save the Visual Database Designer diagrams as graphical images. Now you can save your diagrams into four graphical file formats: bitmap, JPEG image, GIF image and Windows metafile. This feature is available through the Save as Image button of the Visual Database Designer toolbar. (*)

2. Now SQL Editor and Visual Query Builder support query parameters. This feature allows you to specify different values within a query in a popup dialog just before the query execution. Use the colon (':') character before some identifier (e.g. :P1) to specify a parameter within a query. Note that query parameters are allowed only when the "Allow using parameters in query text" option is checked on the Tools tab of the Environment Options dialog.

3. Data View: we have added a possibility to set filters for the Grid View. Now you can filter the current data view using drop-down arrows on the right of the column captions.

4. We have added a possibility to forward a local port to the MySQL server located on a different from the SSH host. Now you can connect to the remote MySQL server through the SSH protocol even if the SSH and MySQL hosts are not on the same computer. All the parameters for connecting through the SSH tunnel are set on the Register Database Dialog or the Register Host Wizard. (*)

5. The Grant Manager provides now two new menu items: Grant All on All and Revoke All on All. Use them for granting or revoking to the selected user all privileges on all objects at once.

6. The Environment Options -> Tools -> Table tab provides the new "Do not retrieve record count for a table" option. Enable this option for not to retrieve record count, as this can take a long time for large InnoDB tables.

7. The Visual Database Designer allows dropping table fields now. (*)

8. Fixed bug with granting options on objects with long (> 31 chars) names in the Grant Manager.

9. Fixed bug with quick filtering in the grid view.

10. Parsing the RIGHT JOIN clause in the Visual Query Builder works correctly now. (*)

11. Fixed bug with showing foreign keys for tables having keywords as names.

12. Identifiers appearing in the IN (..) clause are parsed correctly by the Visual Query Builder now. (*)

13. Errors with exporting and importing BIGINT values are fixed. (*)

14. Fixed bug with dropping indices from the Table Editor Object Explorer.

15. Some minor improvements and corrections.

(*) - Professional Edition only