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PostgreSQL Manager 1.7 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 1.7?

1. We have added the statement timeout support for working with server v7.3. You can customize timeouts on the Tools page of the Environment Options dialog. Timeouts are necessary for preventing program hang-up when executing the SQL statement due to the transaction interlocking

2. We have implemented the new Trigger Editor.

3. We have added a new tool - Report Designer. It is a powerful tool for designing reports visually.

4. The connection speed is significantly increased with the 'Show table subobjects' option on.

5. Incremental search in DB Explorer.

6. Now on error in query SQL Editor tries to find the position of the error in the SQL statement.

7. Print Metadata tool now prints all the table subobject descriptions.

8. The Filter Builder dialog is localized now.

9. Now you can use the Ctrl+G key combination for switching between the page control tabs.

10. The 'Use transaction' option is now situated on the Tools tab instead of Grid of the Environment Options dialog and has effect on the SQL Editor and Query Builder.

11. Script is being generated correctly now on updating a table record.

12. Program doesn't hang up any more on changing metadata if a table is open and "Use transaction" option is disabled.

13. The SHOW statement executes correctly on server 7.3 in SQL Editor now.

14. Export as Insert is being called properly now from the SQL Editor.

15. No error occurs any more on closing the function editor, if the edited function had a plenty of arguments.

16. The TIMESTAMP fields can be edited without any errors now on the Form View tab.

17. If Table Editor was closed with the Data tab being active, then on reopening the table its records were loading twice. Now it is fixed.

18. Fixed bug with multiple display of the grid column after the table recreation or field renaming with the "Save grid view" option on.

19. Column widths after changing it and committing transaction with the "Save grid view" option on do not return to their previous values.

20. The "Save grid view" option now takes effect on the View Editor as well as on other grids.

21. The Final Type box now displays correctly in the Aggregate Editor.

22. Fixed bug with the triggers with their functions removed.

23. No error occurs any more on trying to create an index with a "." sign in its name on server 7.2 or 7.1.

24. Fixed error with displaying the PUBLIC group in the group list of the User Editor dialog.

25. Some minor improvements and small bugfixes.