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QuickImport 2.0 released!

What's new in v2.0?

1. We have added a possibility of importing data from different Excel sheets. You can import data from a single Excel sheet or from several Excel sheets at once.

2. Now it is possible to import formulas from Excel. You can add cells containing formulas to an imported range and get the formula result in your import destination.

3. We have added a possibility of defining relative ranges in the Map property of the TQImportXLS component. This feature allows you to define import ranges without linking to certain cell numbers e.g.:

Field1=[Sheet 1]A-ColFinish;
Field2=[Sheet 1]B-ColStart;

You don't have to know where exactly your data start or finish.

4. We have implemented import from XML format. You can import data from XML files created via our QuickExport component suite or via the SaveToFile method of the TClientDataSet component.

5. Now it is possible to import data into a user defined destination. Just set the ImportDestination property to qidUserDefined and call the Execute method using the OnUserDefinedImport event to manipulate imported data according to your purpose.

6. Some new published properties are added to the Wizard components:
   - property TXTViewRows: integer;
   - property CSVViewRows: integer;
   - property ExcelViewRows: integer;
   - property ExcelMaxColWidth: integer;

These properties allow flexible tuning of the wizard appearance. Using the first three properties you can define how many records are shown in the corresponding viewer. The last property defines the maximum width of the columns in the Excel viewer.

7. We have added the OnLoadTemplate event to the Wizard components. This event allows you to perform any actions with the template file before it is loaded.

8. A possibility of defining case insensitive replacements is implemented. Use the CaseIgnore property of the TQImportReplacement object in all components of the suite.

9. The appearance of the Import Wizards is improved significantly. We hope you will like its new interface.

10. Some other improvements and bugfixes.