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MySQL Manager for Linux 1.3 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager for Linux 1.3?

1. We've added the foreign key support for InnoDB tables

2. Table information in HTML Report includes foreign keys now.

3. DataFrame: The popup menu item SetFilter works correctly now

4. We've added a possibility of integration between other EMS HiTech products and MySQL Manager. If you have installed our utilities, such as MySQL Export, MySQL Import or MySQL Extract (see our MySQL Utils Page for details), you can run them from main form of the MySQL Manager.

5. Transfer Database Wizard is added. Use this wizard to transfer database structure and/or table data to different hosts.

6. We've added a possibility to define a browser type to use for viewing help files, HTML Report and other pages, called from MySQL Manager. Use the Environment Options | Miscellaneous page for this purpose.

7. Several bugfixes and small improvements.