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QuickDesk released.


1. We have added support of InterBase Event Alerts. Check out    MainMenu->View->Events List and
MainMenu->Options->Events Options.

2. To-Do list for each database is now available. For activate this feature use MainMenu->View->To-Do List or Ctrl+Shift+T shortcut. Also you can associate any database object with To-Do item: just click "Browse" button within the To-Do List dialogue.

3. Export Data module, export to Microsoft Excel: now you can select font color for columns headers. Available colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, Black and White.

4. Some updates in the QuickDesk's prorgam group.

Corrections and Fixes:

1. Fixed bug with Visual Query Builder window under Windows 9.x.
2. Fixed some bugs with extracting metadata.
3. Some corrections in export data module.
4. Few minor corrections and bugfixes.