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PostgreSQL Manager 1.6 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 1.6?

1. Now you can view the dependencies of the database objects at the appropriate editor tabs. The Environment Options dialog contains two new options on the Tools tab: 'Automatically expand dependencies' and 'Don't show empty object categories in dependencies'.

2. Transactions in grids: In order to decrease a probability of other programs' hang up on editing table editors in PostgreSQL Manager, we have added a possibility to disable transactions in grids. For this purpose 'Use transaction' option on the Gird tab of the Environment Options dialog is provided. If it is on, the grid works as in previous versions: the transaction is active until the grid is closed or the Commit button is pressed; all edited records are blocked until the transaction commit. If this option is off, then the transaction starts and immediately commits (autocommit) on saving each record, which is blocked only for a little time period.

3. Table DDLs now display SERIAL and BIGSERIAL fields correctly.

4. SQL Editors (SQL Editor, SQL Script): Now you can disable the Smart Tabs mode (when the tab positions are set according to the space characters in the previous non-empty lines). The appropriate options are added to the Editor Options dialog.

5. Insight List: Now object names, containing capital letters, are enclosed in quotation marks.

6. Server v7.3: Fixed bug with incorrect script generation for creating functions with an argument like ..

7. Now program works correctly after selecting language on first startup.

8. Server v7.3: Sequences for fields SERIAL, BIGSERIAL are no more dropped if a table is edited through recreation.

9. Field size for timestamp, TIMESTAMPTZ, TIME, TIMETZ, and INTERVAL shows correctly now.

10. BIT, BIT VARYING, TIMESTAMPTZ, and TIMETZ fields are displayed in the grid correctly now; no errors occur on refresh.

11. Fixed bug with incorrect script generation on adding a TIMETZ field to the table.

12. No error occurs on changing a field type from any integer to BIGSERIAL now.

13. Fixed error with selecting value editor type after reordering columns with the 'Save Grid View' option on.

14. Incorrect script was generated for some of the DB objects on saving a comment with a ' character. It is fixed now.

15. No error occurs on dropping a view of rule through the DB Explorer any more.

16. All experts use right DB name on their startup now.

17. Register Host Wizard now displays the error message if an error occurs on connecting to server.

18. Printing metadata can be called successfully from index, domain or schema editor now.

19. Case Code does not modify object names any more.

20. Fixed error with hiding database objects in DB Explorer after deleting the user who owned these objects.