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PostgreSQL Manager 1.5 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager 1.5?

1. MDI Interface implemented. Microsoft Office Style - all program windows are child windows of the main window now. You can customize the Environment Style using the Environment Options window.

2. Two new localizations added - Italian and French.

3. The support of composite types for PostgreSQL v7.3 is implemented.

4. The 'Autoconnect on Startup' option was added to the Database Registration Info dialog.

5. Table Editor: the Comment columns are added to the lists of fields, foreign keys, checks, indices, rules, and triggers.

6. Table Editor | Fields: foreign keys are now indicated with icons similar to primary keys.

7. The "Set Defaults to All Child Windows" item was added to the Windows menu. This item sets all the child windows to their default sizes and positions. This function is also available by Ctrl+Alt+D shortcut.

8. Database list in child windows are now grouped by hosts if the Show Hosts option is enabled.

9. The new option 'Show only connected databases in drop-down menu' can be found on the Tools tab of the Environment Options dialog.

10. Now the cursor position is displayed in the SQL areas of view, function and rule editors.

11. The caption of the focused column in the grid is now displayed in bold.

12. Autofit column widths in the grid works subject to the column name.

13. Now you can select custom color from the color select drop-down list on the Grid tab of the Environment Options dialog.

14. NUMERIC type without setting precision and scale is supported now.

15. Table's Details submenu in the View Mode menu of the DB Explorer is now duplicated in the View main menu.

16. The following buttons are added on the View editor toolbar: Commit, Rollback, Export Data, Export as INSERT, Import Data, and BLOB Editor.

17. Query Builder: now you can select the sorting mode of the table list, and also drag tables and views from DB Explorer.

18. Environment Options dialog | Confirmation tab: options enabling/disabling confirmation of transaction commits and rollbacks added.

19. Fixed bug on v7.3 server with the impossibility of editing tables from not-default-schemas.

20. Query Builder on server v7.3. Table names are being written with their namespaces, all the tables and views are displayed, not only from the default namespaces.

21. Now on reordering fields, deleting field, changing the field name or type, the ALTER TABLE OWNER TO statement is not executed if current user is the table owner.

22. Table is not recreated on changing only a field name.

23. On server v7.2 tables with foreign keys are not any more edited by recreation.

24. Program does not hang up any more on creating/opening a view if a value in the Right Margin editor box on the Display tab of the Editor Options dialog is less than 12.

25. Now script for editing index on server v7.3 with options Primary or Unique off is generated correctly.

26. Now index on v7.3 server created with the CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement is deleted correctly.

27. The Code Case parameter on the Quick Code tab in the Editor Options dialog works properly now.

28. Fixed bug with displaying only tables and functions in the Windows | Close submenu.

29. Database objects are refreshed completely on changing the database in the editor now.

30. The toolbars of the object editors are saved properly now.

31. Fixed bug with localizing several forms of some object editors.

32. The trial form is localized now.

33. Window list is updated on creating a new database object now.

34. Fixed several bugs with deleting table subobjects.

35. On adding SERIAL and BIGSERIAL fields the NotNull and Unique options are set now.

36. Several minor improvements and small bugfixes.