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QueryBuilder 2.2 released.

What's new in QueryBuilder 2.2?

1. New TPgSQLQueryBuilder component was added. Now four SQL dialects are supported by the suite: standard SQL, InterBase/FireBird, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

2. Enhanced diagram storing feature was added. Now you can save and restore diagram to/from ini-file or system registry as it is represented on screen. Four methods are available in TCustomQueryBuilder class and its descendants for this purpose:

  - function SaveToIni(const FileName: string; IncludeSQL: boolean): boolean;
  - function LoadFromIni(const FileName: string; IncludeSQL: boolean): boolean;
  - function SaveToRegistry(RootKey: HKEY; const KeyPath: string;
      IncludeSQL: boolean): boolean;
  - function LoadFromRegistry(RootKey: HKEY; const KeyPath: string;
      IncludeSQL: boolean): boolean;

where IncludeSQL parameter indicates if SQL statement should be included into the diagram properties or it will be stored in another place. Besides all diagram options can be specified in the design-time using the TCustomQueryBuilder.Storage property.

3. Two methods for loading/saving SQL script were added to all the components. Now you can load/save script quickly by calling the following methods:

  - function LoadSQL(const FileName: string): boolean;
  - function SaveSQL(const FileName: string): boolean;

4. Stored procedures are now fully suppored in TInterBaseQueryBuilder. Demo project for InterBase Express (IBX) components is updated to demonstrate how this feature can be used.

5. Fixed bugs with impossibility to define aggregate/function/keyword lists within QueryBuilder component.

6. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.