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MySQL Manager 2.0 released!

EMS HiTech is very glad to announce MySQL Manager v2.0! Our software becomes cross-platform - the Linux version is immediately available. Also a lot of new features: Database Designer, MDI Interface, Foreign Key support, HTML Report and many more...

What's new in version 2.0?

1. Visual Database Designer!

The Visual Database Designer is implemented. Now it is possible to design
your database visually using this tool. A lot of features are
implemented including reverse engineer, foreign keys support and diagram
printing/saving/loading. Customizing of the Visual Database Designer is
available on the Options -> Environment Options -> Tools -> Visual Database
Designer tab. (*)

2. Foreign key support!

The support of InnoDB foreign keys is now available. Now you can define
foreign keys for InnoDB tables using the Foreign Keys tab of table
editor window.

3. HTML Report Generator!

The HTML Report Generator was implemented. This tool allows you to create
the HTML report for database schema easily and quickly. (*)

4. MDI environment style!

Since version 2.0 our product can look like Microfoft Office products i.e.
all windows can be child to the parent (by default). Of course it's possible
to use an old-style floating windows interface (as in previous versions).
The interface type can be customized through the Windows page of the
Environment Options dialog.

5. User Plugin support!

Now you can develop your own plugins for MySQL Manager 2. An example plugin
with Delphi sources is included to distribution package (you can find the
sources in the $(MySQL Manager)PluginsSourcesDataGenerator directory).
Use the Options -> Plugins Options dialog to manage plugins. (*)

6. Report Designer!

Now you can design your own reports in MySQL Manager. This tool is available
through the Tools -> Report Designer menu item. (*)

7. Encrypted passwords!

Database passwords now can be stored in encrypted state. Check the
Options -> Environment Options -> Preferences -> Encrypted passwords option
to enable this feature.

8. New User Manager and Print Metadata windows!

The User Manager and Print Metadata windows changed their styles similar to
other child windows of the application.

9. New Environment Options dialog!

The Environment Options dialog was completely redesigned. We hope you will
like its new appearance.

10. A lot of other improvements and bugfixes!

(*) -- Professional Edition only

We hope you will like the new version of our product!