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MySQL Manager 1.95 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 1.95?

1. Export Data Dialog: an ability to export data to Microsoft Access and PDF formats was added. (*)

2. Import Data engine was updated to the latest version of EMS QuickImport. In addition to all improvements now it is possible to define separators (decimal, thousand, date and time) of importing value. (*)

3. Visual Query Builder was updated to the latest version of EMS QueryBuilder. A lot of bugs were fixed. (*)

4. Data View: Copy All to Clipboard (*) and Copy Selected to Clipboard features were added to the Grid View. Now you can copy data to clipboard easily without choosing corresponding options in the Export Data Dialog. Those feature are available through grid's popup menu or using Shift+Ctrl+C and Ctrl+C shortcuts respectively.

5. Auto-search feature is enabled in DB Explorer and editors' tree views now. Simply type a word to find in the focused tree view and corresponding node will be activated. This feature also available in the Data View.

6. Server version is displayed in database hint now. Just move mouse cursor over database node in the DB Explorer to see what version of MySQL server is installed on database host. Note that server version will be shown only after the connection is established.

7. SQL Script: script parser can be completely disabled by hiding parser's tree.

8. Fixed bug with FULLTEXT indices creation.

9. Fixed bug with "Index out of bounds (-1)" error occurance when dropping last table with active editor from a database.

10. Fixed bug with InnoDB tables lock-ups in SQL Editor after executing the INSERT or UPDATE statement.

11. Fixed bug with inserting fields with names containing special symbols, such as '-'.

12. Export Data As INSERT now works in the result grid of the SQL Editor. (*)

13. Fixed bug in the Visual Query Builder with drag-and-drop tables from list to diagram. (*)

14. Fixed bug with impossibility to re-order unique fields.

15. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.

(*) - Professional Edition only