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QueryBuilder component suite 2.0 released!

We are very glad to present you the 2.0 version of QueryBuilder!


1. EMS QueryBuilder now is represented as a set of components designed for individual SQL dialect. At present moment there are three SQL dialects supported within EMS QueryBuilder: standard SQL, InterBase/FireBird (both Dialect 1 and Dialect 3) and MySQL.


2. New powerful parser contains all the base methods to parse the SELECT statement and allows you to override the parser methods to adapt it to any SQL dialect.


3. A possibility to customize lists of SQL keywords, functions and aggregate functions was added. This feature allows you to change the syntax-specific words within QueryBuilder depending on the SQL dialect or SQL server version.


4. New OnParserError event was added to QueryBuilder. This event allows you to handle errors,  which occur during the source SQL statement parsing.


5. Support of some special structures within SQL statement was added to the parser. Among the supported structures are FIRST # SKIP # statement for FireBird, ROWS # PERCENT WITH TIES statement for InterBase 6.5 and LIMIT # statement for MySQL.


6. Some visual options, such as VisibleTabs and customization of all fonts and colors used in the QueryBuilder, were added.


7. New demo projects for Delphi and C++Builder are included to the distribution package. They demonstrate how you can manipulate component's methods and properties, and how QueryBuilder can communicate with BDE, IBX and dbExpress components.


We hope you will like the new version of our component suite.