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QuickExport 1.75 released.


1. TVExportDialog component was updated.
   a) Now you can select fonts for exporting data to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and RTF.
   b) Some numerics format were added into User Formats
   c) About property was added.

2. Font styles (fsBold, fsItalic etc) in the export to  Microsoft Words and RTF now works.

3. Demo applications were updated as well.


1. Fixed some problems with Integer and Float formats in all components in the Suite.
2. Export to Microsoft Excel: some bugs with user formats were fixed.
3. Export to Microsoft Word: fixed bug with string containing backslash symbol.
4. Export to HTML: Now you can select font size for Table's rows at design time.
5. Export to CSV file: Now all of string fields exported within quotation symbols (").
6. Few minor corrections and bugfixes.